Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Soundtrack of the Bare Life
Eric Lee
Director & Editor
Production Status
Early Post-Production
Date of Completion
December 2021
Participating Lab
Editing Lab
Set in Singapore, Soundtrack of the Bare Life follows the lives of musicians from the migrant worker community as they navigate institutional, economical and cultural struggles.
Production Company
Soundtrack of the Bare Life
Malay Ghosh is a migrant worker from Bangladesh who is actively involved with the Bengali community as he teaches his music to Singaporeans from the Bengali community. U Than Naing is a Myanmarese migrant worker who came to Singapore with his brother in search of a better life for their family. He co-founded GHSG, an online guitar club where members of the Burmese community can gather to share their love of music. Hossain Billal is a talented musician who works in the shipyard sector. Billal has since moved to a different dorm located next to the Pandan reservoir where we were first introduced to him. Friends of Thai Workers' Association was first initiated in Singapore to provide sanctuary for Thai migrant workers in Singapore. Helping to induce a sense of community and home, FTWA has managed to provide workers with activities such as football games and music sessions. The creation of the space has also enabled migrant workers who wish to continue with their studies to further their ambitions. Banglar Kantha is a newspaper run by Editor-in-chief AKM Moshin. He has opened up the office of the office and named it Dibasharam. With the intention of preserving Bangladeshi culture, Moshin's Dibasharam has welcomes workers to practise music, poetry and theatre performances. They are also encouraged to socialise and read. With this comes the notion of space being a vital factor of the workers' well being. Without space, the workers are not able to practise their music.