Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Wiretapping My Grandparents
Juliàn Miguel Hernandez
Director & Cinematographer
Alyssa Suico
Che Tagyamon
Production Status
Early Post-Production
Date of Completion
February 2021
Participating Lab
Editing Lab
The shy grandson of two former underground activists ventures forth on an uncomfortable personal pursuit to unearth his grandparents’ stories that have since remained unspoken between them.
Production Company
Wiretapping My Grandparents
Growing up, Miguel had always been aware of his grandparents’ role in the Philippine leftist movement, but only peripherally. After his Grandpa suffered a near-fatal illness, he decided to begin trying to understand who his grandparents really were.

However, this is more difficult than he thought. Miguel, a sound recordist by trade, is comfortable in the shadows, hidden from the camera. The vulnerability of being in front of the camera keeps him from connecting with his grandparents. He is too awkward and too slow to be able to keep up with his grandmother’s fast-paced lifestyle and his grandfather’s intellect.

The film is a series of his interactions with his grandparents and the people around them: sitting in at his Grandpa’s PhD lectures, helping make a trendy online video for a socialist organization, the visit of Grandpa’s US-based sister who’s married to a former Ferdinand Marcos crony. With so much to digest, Miguel attempts to learn in bite-sized pieces. As he seeks to rebuild this broken link in his family’s history, he also confronts his country’s.