Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Unteachable
Shuling Yong
Lisa Teh
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Fresh Wave
‘What could the joy of learning look like?’ Through a teacher’s journey to bring empathy to classrooms, she empowers teenagers to rise above labels and rekindle their love for learning.
Production Company
Media For Social Change
Unteachable follows Teacher Meixi as she tries out Tutorial Relationships, a novel teaching method from Mexico, in Normal-Technical Stream classes in Singapore.

For Damian and his classmates, learning in Meixi’s classroom is a deviation from what they’re used to. But he soon discovers the challenges his teachers face, having had the chance to step into their shoes.

Teacher Meixi’s attempt at helping her students find meaning in their learning is met with resistance and she struggles to find her place in the local system.

The director's vision and cinematographic acumen coolly observes the workings of an institution, and the nuts and bolts greasing its smooth but often cruel operation, exposing the pragmatism that exists alongside students’ earnest ambitions.

Unteachable captures the labours of teaching and learning over a 4-year school period, giving a rare insight into the lives of teenagers seldom seen or heard, their fears of past failures, dreams for the future, and awareness of their place in society.