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Sein Lyan Tun
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Fourteen year old Buddhist nun Eaindra Wadi from Naga populated part of the country wants to go to University of Medicine to become the first Buddhist nun doctor in Myanmar.
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For Me And Others Like Me
A 14 years old Buddhist nun, EAINDRA WADI, comes from NAGA Land where can be considered one of the most uneducated and backward people ethnic groups in Myanmar. As being a nun, She wants to study at University of Medicine to become first ever NUN-Doctor. But nuns have less chance in education. After Eaindra raised the question to Head of monk, her curioristy will go through to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. Between her daily nun duty and study, she will need to study hard. She is planning to write a letter to Ministry of Education for their rights for education but she is afraid of losing hope. Will her dream come true?