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Pak Greg dari Wai Apo
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Greg is an artist and ex-political prisoner in Buru Island who wants to live for another hundred years.
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Hore Besok Libur!
Greg from Wai Apo
Gregorius Soeharsojo Goenito is an artist and former political prisoner, exiled and put into forced labour on Buru Island in 1965, who is now only 84 years old because he believes he will live for another hundred years. The exile to Buru Island, massacre, and other human rights violations that occurred in 1965 is a history that has always been actively covered and erased by the government. It was altered or absent in most history books that are used in Indonesian schools, so that part of Indonesian history is almost unknown to today's young generation.

As an artist, Greg can see the beauty in all of his experiences during the exile on Buru Island and pours it into his paintings, books, poetry and music. He can always tell funny little stories and talked about humanity among all the injustices and inhumanities he experienced. So that history would not be forgotten, Greg worked with us, young people of today's generation, making films about his experiences on Buru Island.

The film highlights our friendship with Greg and his family. Greg is very much involved with the filmmaking process. We were not making a film about him but making a film with him.

Despite many human rights crimes that have befallen him in the past, Greg is one of the most cheerful, optimistic, and warm people I have ever met. This film shows how he makes art, and how he wants to be remembered.