Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right I am Walking
Chan Sze-Wei
Mok Cui Yin
Low Zi Qi
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Early Production
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Storytelling Lab
This film witnesses the birth of the underground vogue scene in Southeast Asia, and follows the journeys of exuberant misfits carving out fabulous, sexy sanctuaries for queer folk.
Production Company
Tiger Tiger Pictures
I am Walking
In the underground ballroom scenes of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore, voguing is life. To walk is to participate, to represent, to express oneself. The runway is where these dancers find confidence in their sexy, fabulous, gender-queer selves.

In a world that harshly judges queers, brown skin, body types, broken homes, children of sex workers, children of minority tribes, HIV-positive individuals' we follow Sun, Teddy, Xyza, Ian, and Irzie as they walk their way to self-acceptance and found families. This is a story of exuberant misfits who adopt the conventions of a subculture from black and latinx queers in New York, and become empowered to play a role in shifting social norms and gender identities in four countries in Southeast Asia.

Vogue is a shield against isolation, homophobia, dislocated families and discrimination. To embody the feminine, masculine or queer, regardless of gender assigned at birth. To present the confidence of a supermodel when you never met conventional standards of beauty. To be a leader when wider society does not recognise your achievements. To unleash sensuality without shame. It's a strength that they will need when the COVID-19 pandemic further turns their worlds upside down.