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My sister Umi Aci, has no hands. She kept her sadness or weakness for herself. I try to know her better by encourage her to be more open.
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My Sister Umi Aci
"Fatimah Asri Mutmainah (47) or Umi Aci, lost both of her arms in a car accident when she was 20 years old, 10 days after her wedding. She come through all that with courage and acceptance. As her sister I rarely saw her crying to what had happen. She keep her lost and sadness for herself. She always keep her problems for herself.

But in other hands, she become disability activist and always dealing with other people problems. She became a leader of Fatayat (Muslim organization for women) and women disability organization. People saw her as a role models, and she made herself become a good one. From my point of view, it is really hard for her to living in an image that other expected from her. I think I know her as she is, sometimes I did not understand why she has to please everyone. This is a story about her, about her searching to become women, with or without hands, or become a wife that share her husband with his young wife, and become a mother who’s raising her step children, and about sisterhood or as simply as human being trying to create a better place in this complex world."