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Joseph Mangat
Alemberg Ang
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Early Production
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The film tracks the latest batch of teenage horse handlers and possibly the last of the Ponyboys, a tight knit community of Filipino cowboys in Baguio, whose culture is diminishing.
Production Company
Daluyong Studios
Pony Boys
Baguio is deeply rooted in the indigenous traditions and heavily influenced by the American West. Spanning several generations, the Ponyboys are the embodiment of this strange fusion—part cowboy and part Indian. The Ponyboys and the cowboy lifestyle once thrived in the region but in recent years has been in steep decline and many fear its disappearance. Attempting to maintain the legacy is a young group of horse handlers, like Malcolm (14) and Jeremy (17), recent hires, who quickly bonded when they realized they come from the same lowland province. Both sought to pursue their passion of horses and also to provide for their families back home. There’s Ralph (16) born and raised in Baguio, who acquiesced into selling the horse he took care of for years, now he’s working as a handler to save money to eventually buy a horse of his own. We also follow James (8) and William (6), brothers who hangout all day at the stables, learning the ropes and doing menial tasks with the aim of soon becoming Ponyboys themselves. The film examines how these kids navigate the complexity of adolescents in a grueling yet gratifying work. Contrasting this new batch with the older generations of Ponyboys, the film will also explore the death of a culture and the futile attempt at preservation.