Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Ta-Thung
Ismail Fahmi Lubis
Director/ Cinematographer
Nick Calpakdjian
Project Status
Early Production
Participating Lab
Storytelling Lab
When his eldest brother dies, unable to wield a powerful spirit bestowed upon him, Ahen faces the fact that the God’s have now chosen him as family spiritual leader.
Production Company
Two Islands Digital
"In the underworld of Chinese Indonesian mysticism, a young shaman is on a quest to find his place in a universe bigger than himself. Ahen’s father, Ajung, had been preparing his eldest son Ashan to be the receiver of the spiritual power he had held for most of his life. Ashan welcomed this power. But in a few short years, everything changed. Seeing his brother spiral out of control and succumbing to death, has left Ahen preparing himself for an important responsibility and coming to terms with the fact that he is now next in the family line.

A Ta-thung is a vessel for the spirit world to work through, providing a link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Individuals from all walks of life seek their counsel on a range of matters; including love, business, health, protection or helping to solve disputes. Ahen, like his father before him, specialises in matters of health.

Accepting these powerful forces into his life, unprepared, brings with it many challenges. Ahen seeks the guidance of elder Ta-thung Pak Tanjaya to strengthen himself mentally through meditation and further education. He learns a new language to understand the whisperings and writings of his God and masters using these messages to assist those who seek his counsel. There is much at stake for Ahen and his family. His wife Sissy has fallen pregnant. He feels a heavy responsibility on his shoulders as his mother places her hope in his new family to ensure their legacy continues."