Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right TOER: Our Stories in Blora
Andika Wahyu Adi Putra
Ummu Amalia Misbah
Kholif Mundzir Aldry
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TOER: Kisah-Kisah dari Blora
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Storytelling Lab
Soesilo Toer recalled his old memories about life at their family house in Blora city, while he is the only member of the family who looks after the old house.
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LOSTE Production
TOER: Our Stories in Blora
Soesilo Ananta Toer is the youngest brother of the Indonesian author Pramoedya Ananta Toer, the son of Mr. Mastoer, an aristocratic person in Blora City, Central Java in the mid-1930s. Today, Soesilo is the only person in Blora who cares for the family heritage house and his childhood home. The house that also a family library is considered a legacy of the most important time in Indonesian revolution history that must remain in the city of Blora, but the true reasons why Soesilo came back to Blora after his long journey in Moscow and Jakarta, is because the house also the only one of his remaining memories about his late siblings Koesalah Soebagyo Toer and Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Something that he looks after, although many outsiders want to destroy it.