Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Warriors, Wisdom, and Writing Papers
Kartika Pratiwi
Fransiscus Magastowo
Director of Photography
Alternative Title
Pendekar Semayam pada Kertas Buram
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Participating Lab
Storytelling Lab
The life of Chinese-Indonesian silat novels writer Kho Ping Hoo and how his immutable warriors and timeless philosophies continue to be reanimated through generations’ minds after his passing.
Production Company
Studio Kolam Susu
Warriors, Wisdom, and Writing Papers
"The hustle and bustle of bus terminals, as well as packed libraries had been the usual battleground of warriors fights in the 70s: swords clashing and values at odds through the stencil pages of Kho Ping Hoo’s novels as public’s imaginations are captured and immersed in his martial arts literature. As Chinese-Indonesian novelist, his works must defy gravity of expectations — all from the harsh reality of his poor upbringing, the empiric rejection of his popular silat novels from being called ‘literature’, as well as his continued, personal fight against racism in the country.

More than sixty years after his debut amidst political turmoil of Indonesia in the 60s, does his stories of noble warrior fighting for good still capture imaginations, or is it a futile exercise that mirror his struggle as minority looking for home in the badlands?"