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Christine Seow
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Being Serene is a biographical animated documentary tracking the events of a troubled teen, as she contemplates an abortion and recounts the events of her life.
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Being Serene
Marred with her delinquent past, Serene hopes to turn over a new leaf as she graduates from the juvenile rehabilitation centre with stellar scores in the national exam. However, it seems that her streak of unfortunate circumstances trails behind like a spectre lurking in her shadows. Her family is cold towards her, her boyfriend abusive, and a palpitating heartbeat in her belly is the last thing she wants. But her decision to terminate her pregnancy has been dragged till the 21st week, 3 weeks shy of the legal term for an abortion to be carried out in Singapore. She has to make a decision quickly.

As she deliberates, she is reminded of her biological mom, a woman who probably faced a similar dilemma; a woman whom she yearns to find, a woman who gave her daughter up for adoption. If Serene walked in the shoes of her mother, would she give her child up for adoption too?

Eventually she makes 2 major decisions: terminate her pregnancy, and search for her biological mom in Thailand. This animated documentary is one that revolves around the decisions of life and death, a rarity for someone who had just turned 21.