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Hien Anh Nguyen
Thuy Anh Nguyen
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A woman in her 50s struggles to maintain peace for the family after her husband's death.
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Some people are born with tornadoes in their lives, but constellations in their eyes. Quay follows the journey of Mrs. Tinh's family in protecting their business and home from demolition. Mrs. Tinh's family runs a small local business in the old Quarter street- the most crowded neighborhoods in Hanoi. Selling fried dough is the only source of income for her family; she dedicates herself to this job while concerns about her three daughters' future careers.

The crisis comes when the family's home, which is also their workplace, is put on the land dispute with her husband's brother. The woman tries various ways to settle the quarrel, giving her husband's brother a large sum of money to end this land dispute, but he continuously demands more. The authority has stepped in, noting that Mrs. Tinh's house will be destroyed if the conflict is not solved.

There comes to a point when her home is forced to be demolished. Mrs. Tinh's home is torn down, but the family business must go on. In the roofless house, Mrs. Tinh and her three daughters work together to maintain the family business. For Mrs. Tinh, life goes on.