Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Mountain of Ashes
Nottapon Boonprakob
Maitree Chamroensuksakul
Supatcha Thipsena
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Early Production
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Storytelling Lab
A young ethnic Lahu boy was murdered and revived in the presence of cameras.
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UnderDOC Film
Mountain of Ashes
MOUNTAIN OF ASHES follows the tragic case of a Lahu youth activist and filmmaker who was murdered by military officers at a checkpoint near the Thailand-Myanmar border. The authorities claimed that he possessed narcotic drugs and a hand grenade, which led to the need to open fire. The incident happened in the presence of 9 security cameras, but the footage mysteriously disappeared in court.

When the truth from the state's camera is obscured, his godbrother Maitree decides to revive the boy's life with the cinema camera in his hand. By recreating scenes from his memories, imagining the fight of Lahu action film inspired by the Chinese Wuxia films he grew up with, and visualizing the tragic crime scene absent from the sight of justice.

For Maitree and his family, making this film is a chance to cope with his loss and broken hope. They may reclaim the ethnic people's narrative, including lives, rights, and cultures, all of which are long suppressed by the state. Ultimately, it is in the hopes of bringing justice to the boy and many other lives that were ended silently under the shadow of the truth.