Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right When Clouds Gather
Lee Yve Vonn
Clarissa Zhang
Director & Co-producer
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Participating Lab
Creative Producing Lab
When Clouds Gather follows three young women's Chinese and Tibetan identity dilemmas as they struggle to reshape the relationship between tourism and cultural commodification of a remote village.
Production Company
Afternoon Pictures, Golden Lining Films
When Clouds Gather
Tronang village, located in the homeland of Gyalrong Tibetan living in China, is under development for tourism. DEJI (23), a native Gyalrong Tibetan woman, left the city as a primary teacher to reconnect with indigenous heritage in her hometown but finds it more like a commodity for tourists. She's struggling to find a balance between ancestral knowledge and the mainstream culture of modernization. DOLMA (29), a Tibetan nomadic woman who left grassland for India at a young age, had to give up her study to take care of her mother living inside China. She is struggling to establish a new life with limited working options and foreign culture. SHUCHIN (33), a Chinese woman who re-rooted herself to Tibetan culture to chase a dream that she had during her study in Finland, launched a grassroots education movement to raise cultural and environmental sustainability in Tibetan areas. She's struggling with a battle against her own identity. The marginality brings them to a modern-indigenous collaboration that fights against the dominant culture for a genuine voice for indigenous people, which leads them to see a new understanding of belonging and barriers in reshaping their cultural identity.