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In-Docs Educative Resources

In-Docs Educative Resources

March, 23 - 2020


Yayasan Gerakan Indonesia Sadar Bencana (Indonesian only)

Bagi teman-teman yang anggota keluarganya berstatus PDP (Pasien dalam Pengawasan) atau bahkan Positif Corona dan posisinya adalah sebagai pencari nafkah utama, silakan hubungi Yayasan Gerakan Indonesia Sadar Bencana (GRAISENA) yang akan tanggung biaya kebutuhan dasar keluarganya sementara waktu hingga wabah mereda.

Hubungi Brian Fadli di nomor ini: 082278134234

Lockdown Cinema Club (Philippines Only)


In light of our unique circumstances, we are banding together to help our film workers who have been displaced by the current situation and celebrate the cinema we love at a time where a sense of community is needed more than any other.

Watch the films here

And donate through:

Account Name: Alemberg Ang
Bank Account Number: 004448023723

Account Name: Marc Frederik Galvez
Bank Account Number: 8250015713

Account Name: Camille Aragona

Ticket2Me Link

Follow Lockdown Cinema club on Facebook Link


From our Articles

We have compiled our past articles to help you on your Docs By The Sea application. Click on the link below to see the article on our website:

– A guide to Writing the Proposal

A Guide to Writing the Proposal Link

– Making the pitch trailer
Making the Pitch Trailer Link

– Creating an emotional arc in editing
Creating an Emotional Arc in editing: An Editing lesson from Niels Pagh Andersen Link

– Getting familiar with application form docs by the sea form
Getting familiar with application form docs by the sea form Link

Freelance Artist Resources for COVID-19

This website below provides you with free resources that you can access for independent artists all over the world (under the international section). They cover a range of topics from online seminars and events to health and mental health resources.

Freelance Artist Resources Link

Cinematography Masterclasses online

Take this time to learn more about the art of cinematography from these masterclasses online!

Michael Belcher Masterclass Link
Nic Restrepo Masterclass Link
Aleksandra Miasnikova Masterclass Link
Adam Howden Masterclass Link
Leon Chiprout AMC Masterclass Link
Tim Kindler Masterclass Link
Peter Riis Masterclass Link
Michael Gebben Masterclass Link
Paul Ozgur NSC Masterclass Link

450 Free Ivy League University courses you can take online

The eight Ivy League schools are among the most prestigious colleges in the world. They include Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia universities, and the University of Pennsylvania.

While these courses may not directly link to Documentary Filmmaking, it is still a great resource to widen your horizon to gain knowledge from a wide variety of topics such as Computer Science, Data Science, Programming, Humanities, Business, Art & Design, Science, Social Sciences, Health & Medicine, Engineering, Education & Teaching, Mathematics, and Personal Development.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll come up with a great Documentary idea after taking these courses. Click the link below to see the list of courses you can take.

Ivy League Courses Link

Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary

A journey into documentary filmmaking with some of the world’s top directors. What is documentary? Why make them? Where do people get their ideas from? Do documentaries represent the “truth”? Alanis Obomsawin, Werner Herzog, Laura Poitras, Peter Wintonick and many others reflect on the power of their craft and the creative and ethical choices they make as storytellers in this interactive doc released in 2008.

Art of Documentary link

Sundance co//ab Master class

Sundance is offering their co//ab Masterclass for free online! This includes previous masterclasses that have been conducted before and upcoming masterclasses. Classes offered including film music and pitching for success.

Sundance co//ab masterclass link




You can watch IDFA Movie collection for free in the website below:


Watch Asian Feature and Short Films for Free (300+ Titles)

You can watch a range of Asian Feature and Short films, both narrative, and documentary, on the website below.

Asian Films link

Watch Special Streaming of Tanakhir Films

Tanakhir Films is an Indonesian production house that produces short and feature films in a range of genres including Documentary, Narrative and Experimental. They have opened up access to watch some of their films for free for the next 2 months. To see where to watch their films, follow Tanakhir Films on social media:

Tanakhir Films Link

Watch Films from the National Film Board ofCanada

The National Film Board of Canada has a wide range of short and feature films from various genres including Documentary. They have over 4,000 titles to stream for free for you to watch!

National Film Board of canada Link

Mubi has opened its website for a 3 free months of film to keep you company at home. Mubi has a great showcase of various genres of films from all around the globe.

Free 3 months of Mubi Link

SXSW may have been cancelled this year, but they have open up free access to watch the shorts on their programming online! Films vary from Narrative to Documentary.

SXSW Short Showcase