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A Painful Voyage to a Painful Past

A Painful Voyage to a Painful Past

by Patar Simatupang, Iwan Setiawan

Tired of searching for answers, three ex-political prisoners in their late 70s with lives of different paths take a humble decision, a voyage to their cruel pasts.

Tumiso’s taking care of the house of ex-political prisoners seems to end after one by one the seniors there die. This ex-prisoner wants to leave it all behind. Martin drafts a novel about a long, painful trip in his quiet life. At a humble launching of Martin’s memoir, Bedjo, 79, congratulates Martin for his writing consistency. Martin, 77, tells his short story about an old house with a dog. The story just received an award. Bedjo, who has collected data about concentration camps for years, told Tumiso and Martin about his latest discovery in Pati. After a lengthy discussion on a plan, the three prepare to take a long trip together. Tumiso leaves the house, where on the floors we see emptiness, unoccupied bedrooms, folded rotten wheelchairs and crutches, books, broken beds, a pile of rotten black umbrellas lying on the webbed, dusty, dark, and humid rooms. Martin takes his wife to his daughter for a while. Bedjo welcomes his son to take care of his wife while being away. Three breezy nights on a painful voyage, these three old men converse about facts covered by resentments and songs they labelled as communist’s.

Patar Simatupang
Patar Simatupang

Director, Producer

Iwan Setiawan
Iwan Setiawan


Project Status
  • Post Production
Participating Lab
  • Editing Lab

Oct 2022


90 mins.

Production Company:

Patar Simatupang (Indonesia), Iwan Bax (Indonesia), Endro Aji Purnomo (Indonesia)