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Cik San

Cik San

by Riskya Duavania Prihardini, Riani Singgih

Cik San is an elderly non-binary with a mission: to revisit her family and reconnect with her past life in Temanggung, a town she left more than 20 years ago.

Twenty years ago, Cik San left her job as a night worker and her family in Temanggung to start her new life. She lived homeless on her own and earned money from collecting garbage. At 65, she is now living in Salatiga city. However, living away from her family has its consequences—Cik San had missed the death of her mother in 2021. She was only aware of her passing when she met her uncle, who accidentally passed by her in Salatiga.

This provoked Cik San to recall her past life, which gave her a new goal in life: to reunite with her big family. A kiosk is her first step to ensure her family that she has a financially stable and settled life in Salatiga, something that is essential for her to be accepted back by her family. When she earned enough money to visit her sister in Temanggung, the rumour started to spread that Cik San lived in Salatiga. Many of them want to visit Cik San, who was the long lost ‘brother’ of the Yap family. But the fact that she is still homeless and financially unstable makes it difficult to hide her identity from her family.

Riskya Duavania
Riskya Duavania


Riani Singgih
Riani Singgih


Project Status
  • Early Production
Participating Lab
  • Creative Producing Lab

Apr 2024


75 mins.

Production Company:

Stories of Us (Indonesia)