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Island of the Winds

Island of the Winds

by Ya-Ting Hsu, Huang Yin-yu

Aged Taiwanese leper patients have faced 20 years of the violence of their eviction and the erasure of their past. To this day, they are fighting for their very existence.

Taiwanese leprosy patients have been segregated for their entire lives on the urban fringe of Taipei, Taiwan, since 1930. These aged patients built their lives in this island-like leper sanatorium. Then, 20 years ago, the Taiwanese government began to force open the gates of this community and began developing their land to construct an MRT maintenance depot. However, this group of patients are awake—aware—and fighting for their lives. So far, government workers have built a long construction ditch that spreads out and surrounds the land. This construction has rendered the remaining land an island that is shrinking over time. Though the patients’ bodies grow old and the aforementioned construction looms over them, the spirit of these patients is growing. Their protests have aroused public attention and have become one of our time’s most important social movements. This film follows the 20 years of their lives and what remains of them: love, spirit, and eventually death—that is deeply connected to the land. This connection is so strong that these patients have become one with the land themselves.

Ya-Ting Hsu
Ya-Ting Hsu

Producer, Director, Editor

Huang Yin-yu
Huang Yin-yu


Project Status
  • Post Production
Participating Lab
  • Editing Lab

Oct 2023


120 mins.

Production Company:

Argosy Films and Media Productions (Taiwan), Moolin Films, Ltd. (Taiwan), Moolin Productions, Co., Ltd. (Japan)