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Living Across the Blue Roof

Living Across the Blue Roof

by Soyon Ahn

Soyon’s house is located across from the presidential workplace. As Soyon’s grandfather bought the house 50 years ago, her family witnessed historical incidents and lived under the presidential security regulation.

Soyon’s house is 700 metres away from the Blue House, the official workplace of the president of South Korea. In the 2016’s winter, for the sixth straight weekend, protesters demanded the resignation of scandal-tainted President Park Geun-Hye. The court approved protesters could march within 100 metres of the presidential Blue House for the first time. After that, the neighbourhood of the Blue House became the centre of democracy and was surrounded by shouting protesters.

Soyon tries to persuade her grandparents to move out, but they repeat the same answer. “This is the best neighbourhood, and it used to be very tranquil”. When president Doo-hwan, who was known as a dictator, reigned, Soyon’s family was not allowed to open the windows facing the Blue House. There were checkpoints everywhere, including right in front of Soyon’s door. In March 2022, Seok-yeol Yoon got elected as president. He claimed to end the ‘Blue House Era’ and returned the Blue House to citizens. Whenever the president changes, Soyon’s family has to confront unexpected changes. Soyon expects rally noise will be gone, but she feels complicated for the people in Yongsan, the state where the new presidential workplace will be located.

Soyon Ahn
Soyon Ahn


Project Status
  • Early Production
Participating Lab
  • Storytelling Lab

Apr 2023


70 mins.

Production Company:

PronounceMe (South Korea)