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Night After Night, Day After Day

Night After Night, Day After Day

by Jerrold Chong

On the anniversary of her son’s suicide, Jenny (60) finds herself drifting around a fading city. As reality and memory blur, she must find ways to heal from her grief.

Jenny Teo (60) finds herself in a role-play as part of a suicide prevention workshop. Unbeknownst to those around her—her role-play partner and workshop facilitator—this is no make-pretend for her. She has lived through it—as a mother who lost her son to suicide. At the end of the session, the facilitator says, “Don’t worry, this is just a practice session”. Her pain and grief come crashing back like a tsunami.

On the anniversary of her son’s passing, she finds herself drifting around a fading city—as small everyday things around her evoke and stir up memories from the past. She finds an old video camera she bought for him years ago and finds fleeting scenes captured permanently on tape. She meets the people from Josh’s life—friends, teacher, army-mates. These all bring her back in time as a memoir of her son and their relationship. She finds ways to keep her grasp on her reality and prevent her world from fading away completely.

She discovers that suicide is not an act of a moment but a tide of correlations that becomes a release of psychological pain for her son.

Jerrold Chong
Jerrold Chong

Producer, Director

Project Status
  • Development
Participating Lab
  • Storytelling Lab

Mar 2025


90 mins.

Production Company:

Finding Pictures (Singapore)