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Sandan Love Garden

Sandan Love Garden

by Luthfi Muhammad, Merio Falindra

A couple survives in the village through organic farming experiments to live a better life after regretting urban life.

Few years ago, Ayu and Wahyu decided to live outside their villages, be in the city, leaving all the farming life behind. In 2019, they decided to go back to their villages and try to become farmers. They felt the city did not belong to them anymore. They started everything from scratch, with almost zero knowledge about running a farm, an organic farm.

Their parents are farmers, and when they saw their son doing organic farming, they were sceptical about this experiment, because since they can remember, they are already doing the farming with pesticide and other chemicals and it always works for them. Seeing Wahyu and Ayu pursuing their dream to create organic farming, their parents always asked them to stop trying and do what they usually do, with the already proven results.

They always spend time together taking care of the garden. With a friend that always supports them—Juka, who is also a farmer, they took the initiative to create an organic farming ecosystem to overcome their problems. They will move independently to create the ideal bargaining power behind the monopoly of the organic agricultural product market.

It’s not just about producing food, but also educating people around them about taking back the land. Their love sparks, their happiness of farming grows, and the mission to deliver food to your table and love to others became their main goals.

Luthfi Muhammad
Luthfi Muhammad


Merio Falindra
Merio Falindra


Project Status
  • In Production
Participating Lab
  • Storytelling Lab

Mar 2023


60 mins.

Production Company:

Lokaldocs (Indonesia), Niskala Studio (Indonesia)