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She Will Find the Sky

She Will Find the Sky

by Lies Nanci Supangkat, Sammaria Simanjuntak

A wife, a daughter, and a sister figure out how to start a new business to escape domestic violence.

Ani (29) thinks that she’s a bad kid who deserves to be beaten by her half-brother, Cheffy (44). She has lived with Cheffy’s family for twenty years since her Mom passed. Ani borrows money from her friends to help Cheffy pay his debt. When the pandemic hits, Cheffy’s physical abuse gets worse. After consulting with her priest, Ani leaves the house. Wati (40), Cheffy’s wife, cancels her decision to get a divorce. She doesn’t have the heart to use Tita (21), her daughter’s money, to pay the court. Ani encourages Wati to start an online business, but Cheffy reads their messages and asks Ani to stay away. Cheffy asks Tita to get an online loan to pay for their house rent. Tita drains her saving and pretends the loan came from her boss. But it is one of Cheffy’s tactics. Tita can’t pay for Wati’s divorce anytime soon, and the cycle of abuse continues. When Wati and Tita realise it, they know the only way to end the domestic violence is by getting out of the house and starting a business at any cost.

Lies Nanci Supangkat
Lies Nanci Supangkat

Director, Editor

Sammaria Simanjuntak
Sammaria Simanjuntak


Project Status
  • Development
Participating Lab
  • Creative Producing Lab
  • Storytelling Lab

Dec 2022


60 mins.

Production Company:

Pomp Films (Indonesia)