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The Art of Detaching One’s Memory

The Art of Detaching One’s Memory

by Jan Carlo Natividad

Exploring the lost faith of the filmmaker’s present generation to the past traditional beliefs and practices of his family identity, moving between two worlds. An impending loss of an era.

Three of four children of a Filipino shaman, Arturo B. Natividad (deceased), received a unique gift and continued the old traditions that were handed down throughout previous generations. One of them is the filmmaker’s father, Arlito Mariñas Natividad, who sees, communicates with the invisible creatures and practices the ritual of “atang”; a food offering intended to drive away evil, malevolent spirits. However, the gift is slowly forgotten and dying because the world is changing. The present generation has lost their faith in these past traditional beliefs and practices of their family ancestors. As the filmmaker went back to his hometown, his recollections of the two worlds explore his family identity and the nature of these supernatural elements. Dealing with the present, modern world, will his father’s generation be the last generation to receive the special gift fully and will that gift be forever remembered as a forgotten practice for the present and future generations of the family?

Jan Carlo Natividad
Jan Carlo Natividad

Director, Producer

Project Status
  • Early Production
Participating Lab
  • Storytelling Lab

Mar 2023


15 mins.

Production Company:

Explore Cinema (Philippines), 1440 (Philippines)